Pain is decreasing….

I have been experimenting with my food a bit, trying to eat more healthy and focus on a vegetarian and gluten-free diet.  I am filling up a water jug each morning of 64 ounces of water, and most days I drink all of this.  I decided to try this for a couple of reasons.  One was that I am planning on becoming a health coach in December to help others in their health and wanted to try out the food, and second I wanted to see if my food might make a difference in my health.  Hearing I would lose some weight didn’t hurt either.

I was skeptical.  Actually I am still skeptical.  Years and years of trying different things to reduce my pain level, and give me more energy.  Many things help – such as exercise, ice and heat, yoga and reducing stress.  I even was able to reduce my medication this summer to about 10% of the dose I was given.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to cut it off completely, and any reduction caused too much pain.

So far the past week and a half I am feeling more energized.  My body is still tired, yet I am so much more alert.  I feel like I have an extra hour or two each day.  I am still stuffed up, which is probably due to dairy which I haven’t cut out.  My pain has also been reduced some, so I am reducing my medication a little more for the first time in months.  I can feel more discomfort in my knees when I walk, and sensitivity in my hands (the tingling sensations are greater).  The pain in my body and back are less, and I am still able to sleep at night.  I have also lost about 6 pounds, so my clothes aren’t so tight – always a good thing.

I am learning a lot.  I feel like I am understanding more what my body needs.  I don’t expect a miracle, yet it is great to see some hope and improvement.


7 Responses to Pain is decreasing….

  1. wartica says:

    Going vegetarian has helped me overcome all my chronic skin problems, and would highly recommend going that route:))

  2. I’ve recently been tweaking my eating habits and while I’ve always been a “healthy” eater, I had no idea how good my body could feel if I avoided a few things, like gluten. Hang in there and hope it works out well for you!

  3. Leah Martin says:

    We are on such similar paths with food experimentation. I, too, find it easier to drop animal than gluten foods. I would love to one day be one of ‘those’ people talking about how my diet was key to full relief…in the meantime I’m learning to enjoy the extra ‘hours’ the new mini-finds bring. Best to you in continued success!

  4. lisalday111711 says:

    I think I will try this as well. I am already a vegetarian but I f=definitely need more water
    Thanks for sharing

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