The Dark Hour poem

May 3, 2013

My soul aches, My heart cries;

When will, this pain die?

I watch and wait, for the morning sun;

When everything glows, and the children run.

Conflicts and confusion, trials and scares;

Broken dreams and promises, mistakes and failures.

Each day a struggle, for some air;

More cancer and death, that doesn’t seem fair/

Where is the wisdom? Where is my God?

It doesn’t make sense, in the gloomy fog.

I feel alone, though many are near;

Get me out, ignore the tears.

Just a little hope, or a little light;

help me see, a new sight.

Show me the praise, of a new day;

How to mend, what was frayed.

Show me the love, that I hear about;

Help me receive, the kindness of heart.

Help me hear, the wisdom up high;

To bring discernment, from the lies.

Bring me comfort, to ease the pain;

An inner peace, that forever reins.

I will open my eyes, and clear my ears;

Ready to see, ready to hear.

I will prepare my heart, and my mind;

to be ready, for a new time.

May the grace come, and fill me up;

forever hope, forever love.

Elissa 5/1/13


Pain Pain Poem

July 12, 2012

Pain Pain

Why are you here?

What have I done,

To bring this tear?

A day or two

I can bare,

But this constant pain

Doesn’t seem fair.

I pray, I plead,

I search for an end.

The answers I await

For my body to mend.

The days become weeks,

Then months to years.

A new reality I have,

I must face the fear.

I see the lessons,

The wisdom of pain.

Humility, love and compassion,

Are traits I gain.

The golden light,

Begins to shine.

Finding blessings,

In all the grime.

With each day,

Hope renews.

I can make it,

With some new shoes.

I walk a new path,

With truth and grace.

I carry the Spirit,

And a song of praise.

I lean on others,

To give and receive.

I learn to honor,

This pain in me. 


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