Memoir review: Believe by Eric LeGrand

I love reading inspiring books. I am drawn to the stories where people learn to live in the middle of challenging circumstances, share about their internal process, are humble and make a difference to those around them. Believe is one of these memoirs. Eric was a successful football player who was paralyzed after a tackle. Before his injury he was taught about values and commitment from his mom, raising him to be a person of integrity. His coaches taught him about team work, flexibility and the bigger picture.

With little hope for a future, he began a recovery program with the support of his therapists, friends, team-mates, family and faith. Eric chooses to look at the positive and hold on to his beliefs.  He sees the good in the people around him, and his relationships become stronger.  He is blessed by the kindness of strangers and fans as well cheering him on.

Eric’s Memoir is one of the most positive books I have read.  It was a pleasure to read, and helped me to see the importance of our outlook in life, and holding on to hope.  It isn’t easy struggling with aspects of life that I wish were easier.  At times I feel frustrated, angry at others, and disappointed with my perception of God.  However, when I look closely at the people who care, and see how they care, and the relationships I have, some of that frustration melts away, and gives me the strength to start another day.


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