Medication reduction, pain slightly higher

My journey continues in trying to reduce my medication.  My new health habits are giving me more energy and seem to have a positive effect on my pain level.  A few months ago I took a break from reducing my medicine because I wasn’t able to function with the increase in pain, and it made it difficult for me to sleep.  Earlier this week, after spending a few weeks on a healthier diet (and losing 8 pounds), I felt my pain reduce, and was able to cut out my mid day medication (I was taking a low dose of opioids 3X a day).

Today I am starting to increase the time between each dose.  So far I have added a couple more hours in between.  I can feel my hands shake some, and a slight increase in pain especially in my knees.  I am hoping that in 3 or 4 days, I will be down to once a day.

I am surprised by how effective this has been for me.  Unfortunately few doctors I saw gave any information on options for pain control that relates to the food we eat.  Part of this is that it isn’t always covered under insurance to see someone who deals with nutrition.  I have been referred to physical therapists, accupuncturist, chiropractor, sports doctors, pain management doctors, psychologist, neurologists, oncologist, rheumatologist, cardiologist and had numerous diagnostic tests and tried 11 or so medications.  My hope has returned for a cure or at least a low amount of pain without medication.  I am feeling better everyday!


3 Responses to Medication reduction, pain slightly higher

  1. Gospel Restoration says:

    I am very interested in this because I am trying to reduce / stagger off of a medication I’ve been taking for Fibromyalgia. The additional pain and sleeplessness are sometimes very difficult to manage. I need to continue working on my diet and nutrition as well. Do you have any specific recommendations? Obviously, things don’t work the same way for everyone, but I’m open to all input!

  2. Gospel Restoration says:

    I just realized you posted a reply to my previous comment (which I forgot I had left!) — haha, sorry for the repeat. Hope you have continued success with the gluten free experimentation!

  3. The food I have been eating you can find on I have been following their 5 and 1 plan using only vegetarian and gluten-free options. This has made it really simple for me. I am not sure if it is the vegetarian and/or gluten-free or the vitamins but I feel so much better. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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