Rocking the Pink Memoir review

I really enjoyed reading Laura Roppe’s book Rocking The Pink.  It is a story about her journey with breast cancer and how it inspired her to follow her dreams.  I love her honesty in a compelling and humorous way, allowing me to laugh at the darker aspects of life, while recognizing the grief of it.  Her story to becoming a rock story reads almost like a fairy tale, except of course the big C wood.  Laura writes in a witty way about people and life’s circumstances, sharing her experiences without every criticizing other people.  I enjoyed her positive stance and her strive to follow her heart in a way that considers other people.  Her relationships with her husband, daughters, cousin and fellow cancer survivor, Jane revealed her loving  and kind manner and made you love her all the more.

I connected to Laura’s story by her illness, her dreams and her positive aspect.  Though I can’t say I share the successful rock star life, it doesn’t prevent me from dreaming of making a difference through writing.  I was inspired by her ability to find the very best in her close relationships and made me love my husband all the more for his love and support.  Having two daughters, I connected with the motherhood piece, the fear of not being there, not giving enough, and balancing your own dreams.  I generally feel less alone reading the stories of others experiencing some kind of medical crisis, learning from their ability to capture their feelings, hopes and fears.  So thank you Laura for sharing your story through your book and music.


4 Responses to Rocking the Pink Memoir review

  1. projectlola says:

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  2. Laura Roppe says:

    THis is Laura Roppe! I just want to thank you for your kind review of my book. I, too, feel less alone in this world when I have the opportunity to connect with others in an honest and real way; so, if my book made you feel less alone, even briefly, then I am so glad for it. I just want to send you love and light, and thank you for taking the time to read my book. I truly do hope you find that elusive but magical balance, and keep reaching and stretching for your “rock stardom,” whatever that may be. xoxox Laura

    • Thank you Laura, I appreciate so much your willingness to respond to my blog post. OK, I admit I was really excited! Your book really stood out to me, because you dug into a very deep and painful topic, yet could find the good and humor in life. My blog on shoes, came after reading your story, bringing a different type of creativity to my writing than I normally use. I must say, it was fun to write more humor. I can always hope for the magic and look for it, even after spending days in bed. So thanx for the encouragement and sending of some light my way. It came when I needed it. Blessings to you. xox Elissa

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