Withdrawal – 2 a day – drug free within reach

Still on the withdrawal plan.  The good news is I am down to about a 1/8 of a pill 2 times a day.  It is harder on my body to take out a dose (from 4 a day to 3, etc) than reducing the amount I take.  I started increasing the times between doses when I would either forget to take it, or my pain level hadn’t increased.  Yesterday I reduced it down again to 2x a day when I was so busy coaching during a soccer tournament I forgot to take my afternoon dose.

This morning I woke up feeling really sick to my stomach and had a headache.  Not sure if this was from coordinating positions for soccer players for nine games this weekend or from the reduction on medication in my system.  Most likely it is a combination of the two.  It may take a few days for my body to adjust.  Fortunately after my morning dose the symptoms gradually disappeared.

I am excited to be on less medications and back to 2x a day for medication intake.  I hate having to take medication with me in the day, especially when out on the field or with other people.  I feel inspired that soon I may be completely drug free.  I am amazed at how much better I can focus and the increase in my energy level.  Unfortunately some of my symptoms were intensified with the medication.  My pain level is higher, but not to a unbarable level.

So thank you for listening to my progress.



2 Responses to Withdrawal – 2 a day – drug free within reach

  1. thechronicallyawesomepost says:

    I wish you luck. And your blog is lovely.

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