Making memories with Chronic Pain

What a great weekend of coaching.  My experience coaching in a soccer tournament was positive.  I was able to make it through six soccer games without too much pain or fatigue.  I took a break from my medication reduction in order to limit other symptoms (especially the tired eyes).  I had lots of fun, was able to help out, and connect with the players and other coaches.

Attitude and planning helped make this weekend a success.  I spent several days preparing by mapping out where I was supposed to be at what time, food stops, creating position line-ups, and gathering rosters and forms.  With several coaches on our teams, my role was more limited so I could focus on the positions and team management.  During warm-ups I would observe the players, and let the other coaches lead the activities.  Whenever possible I would sit or lean against something to preserve my energy.  Attitude and grace was important when mistakes were made (by myself and others).  It also helped to have great support of the parents.  This was the first tournament where I didn’t have any major demands, complaints or issues from anyone.   Gotta love that.

One of the blessings of my fibromyalgia is that I can push myself to the limit when needed.  I am grateful that I am able to participate in activities that have meaning to me, even if my role needs to be altered some.  I enjoy having my whole family involved in the soccer experience and making wonderful memories together.  Sometimes what seems like the end, is actually the beginning of something new.


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