Anne Lamott with Sam Lamott, A Journal of My Son’s First Son (Memoir review)

I always enjoy reading Anne Lamott.  She honestly shares about the joys and challenges in life, and trying to be the person she wants to be.  In her latest book she writes about her first grandson and her love as a grandparent.  She talks of her desire to be less controlling in the way the parents decide to raise their child and to be open to the changes in her relationships.  Her son, Sam Lamott shares his experiences as well with being a new farther, balancing work and school, and growing up with more responsibilities.

I love the introspection that comes with reading a Lamott story.  Anne and Sam have a way of bringing you into the story and evaluating the way you think and behave.  It brings more awareness to my own life and the times where I prefer to hold on to what was instead of following the path given to me.  I highly recommend her books.



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