Connecting With God

Ways of connecting with God

    1. Serve others
    2. Watch for it around you, with people and situations that arise
    3. Ask God questions, and listen and watch for the reply
    4. Spend time in nature
    5. Treat it like a relationship. Set aside time to be with Him/Her.
    6. Pray to God – share struggles and concerns, as well as gratitude and blessings
    7. Listen to God. Listen to answers of concerns, wisdom, love and guidance
    8. Meditate – Time in silence, acknowledging, accepting and seeing what is
    9. Find a spiritual small group – to grow and learn from others who are seeking spirituality
    10. Attend a 12 step meeting. Many are spiritually focused. It is inspiring to see others heal from their addictions/c0-dependencies.
    11. Spend time in spiritual community – a larger organization with ideas and beliefs like your own
    12. Listen and sing spiritual songs –
    13. Journal to God
    14. Exercise – running, hiking, yoga, etc, are all ways of connecting to your body, as well as to a Spirit higher than yourself.

Key things to remember about spirituality

    1. God loves me right where I am, not where I think He wants me to be.
    2. My feelings, are just my feelings. If I don’t feel God, it doesn’t mean he has abandoned me.
    3. God wants to connect with me, and is less concerned how I do it, and more concerned that I do it.
    4. I might have consequences, or feel disciplined for my behavior, yet I am not being judged or condemend.
    5. The actions I take don’t make me worthy or unworthy. Being aligned with my Higher Power gives me a more abundant life, and connects me closer with God and others.
    6. I always have a choice. I can choose to accept the guidance of a spiritual source, or I can choose to follow my own will or another set of principles. No one makes the choice for me, and I don’t make the choice for others.



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